Twenty Falakdeh in forest (Branch, Mazandaran)

Suggest a couple of friends and sunny autumn Morrow way roads that go, let's go to reach the sea and then autumn forest Branch, our goal is Falakdeh, in the heart of two thousand forests that culminate in the fall, flirting got time to peak he even the. Of course, now that I am writing this message on the Caspian region with snow and extreme cold and cut off gas and electricity and the crisis of the winter cold conditions Brvst.

www afracamp Sir falakdeh 13

Fall is not with me. Acquaint me with new colors.

Falakdeh with known Bgrmsh the field, where the forest road to reach it must follow that the condition is not very interesting, whether by car or on foot Reed, Reed to two or recreational players on all other conditions yourself Vhmttvnv thousand is. You're going to get is.

www afracamp Sir falakdeh-01

Forest Road Falakdeh

www afracamp Sir falakdeh-09

Colorful Fall

www afracamp Sir falakdeh 10

Forest road in the rugged hills

www afracamp Sir falakdeh 11

The sun and …

www afracamp Sir falakdeh-02

River water is more convenient conditions for Camp

www afracamp-ir-15 falakdeh

Types of re-entry vehicle engine to the vehicle bus moved here

برای رسیدن به فلکده بهتر است از تنکابن به سمت خرم آباد بروید و بعد جاده خرم آباد قلعه گردن را پیش بگیرید تا به جاده دوهزار برسید در سه راهی سه هزار لیره سر، مسیر لیره سر را طی کنید تا انتها که به ایست بازرسی جنگل بانی did you get into the forest road. The end of the path vans and passenger cars are to Falakdeh both ends, but during the entire route with a car I do not recommend because of unsuitable roads.

www afracamp Sir falakdeh-05

The stone will be like in the valley route, climbing up

www afracamp Sir falakdeh-04


www afracamp Sir falakdeh-03

Still hissing

www afracamp Sir falakdeh-06

Falakdeh a very enjoyable fun day

www afracamp Sir falakdeh-07

Here are the hours meeting

www afracamp Sir falakdeh-08

Offroad bases that are everywhere these days

www afracamp-ir-12 falakdeh

Autumn background

www afracamp Sir falakdeh 14


www afracamp Sir falakdeh 18

And later Spa…

www afracamp-ir-16 falakdeh

The truth was very different from what I expected

www afracamp Sir falakdeh 17

It was a bit warm

This summary was short but enjoyable trip to this area our.

routeTo learn about the access to the spa Falakdeh, GPS files in wikiloc Mlajzh photos.

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