Concordant with Ares(Azarbaijan)

Aras river originates from the mountains of Turkey, more than 1,000 km along the border with Iran over and twist your eats up its Caspian Sea…The screw twists the Aras River which borders Iran after the 1813 Treaty of Turkmenchay brought the cat ears. Over the miles of beautiful natural landscapes with historical background is very important that each one in its place. سفری در کنار ارس که از شهر اصلاندوز در نزدیکی دشت مغان آغاز شد و با گذشتن از کنار سد خداآفرین، عاشقلو، کُردشت، نوردوز و سیه رود به جلفا رسید و در ادامه هم نوا با ارس و گذشتن از کنار کلیساهای تاریخی،سد ارس و city ​​demands to the last point in northwestern Iran(The highest latitude Iran) Soraya Fountain ended the nearby mountains of Ararat.

Aras historic bridge in the city Khoda Afarin

Aras historic bridge in the city Khoda Afarin

Travel along the Aras, parts of our trip to the North West, where there is natural beauty and historical attractions along the way, adding to the fun of surfing. We warmly from the city(Ardabil) Aras first came to the city Aslanduz(Parsabad Ardabil city functions) were. شهرت اصلاندوز به تپه ای تاریخی مشرف به ارس است که نقل قول ها حاکی از آن است که این تپه مصنوعی در اوایل سلطنت نادر شاه افشار ایجاد شده و قبل از شروع سلطنت وی با سران مغان و … Met at this point.. A small monument on a hill that was about all we know it.

Naderi hill Aslanduz

Naderi hill Aslanduz

The building is a rare Balaytph

Monument Hill rare

Our first night destination Khomarlu Khoda Afarin the city center, and the Aslanduz approximately 55 km way ahead. Urban Khomarlu steep foothills and along the Aras at the time of our stay(Early June) The air was unique, rain at night, in the morning it was fine for us. By continuing to track towards the West after Khomarlu 10 km, before reaching the historic bridge of Aras dam poses with glory and of God rests on you to show off their roaring Aras. One larger than the other bridges remained intact and more. (5)

Historically, the bridge is not clear. Even until the Sassanian have guessed. Goals bridge too unclear at this point.. Because the location is not very convenient access to the Iranian plateau. (9)

Beautiful view of Khodaafarin Bridges (38)

No Description (6)

No Description (3)

Khoda afarin dam wall (1)

The broken bridge along Khodaafarin Bridges. The history of this bridge have been attributed to the Seljuk period (39)

No Description

Khoda afarin dam wall can be seen from the bridge whose height is 64 m.. The dam is shared between Iran and Azerbaijan. In the final stage, several villages have been submerged at this point.. This is also the dam of hydroelectric power station. (4)

Khoda afarin dam lake

Drizzle with yogurt and breakfast near the dam and the air was very unique. (36)

No Description

Continuing the journey of Aras temporarily said goodbye to pass on the nomads, Babak Castle and have Arasbaran. After visiting the areas mentioned, Ares returned again this time we Asheqlu. Now the road is close to Vdrh from your spacious tightened. 33 km after Asheqlu, Avshtbyn first step is our host village, its origins are attributed to the Safavid period. (15)

Face Avshtybn beautiful and historic village has been transformed into new buildings and heterogeneous (17)

Alley stairs Avshtbyn (14)

No Description

Avshtbyn 5 km sidetrack in the walnut groves can be seen across landscapes. (12)

Scenery around Avshtbyn (13)

Vegetable poet's tomb in Avshtbyn

با بازگشت به سوی ارس در امتدا نوار مرزی ایران-آذربایجان پیش می رویم تا به نقطه ای میرسیم که مرز سه کشور ایران-آذربایجان و ارمنستان است و میله ای در ان سوی آب نشانگر این مرز است. After the Iranian border- Armenia should be measured. (11)

Aras an abandoned railway across the border in the Soviet era can be seen.

By going on the road to the village Kordasht Qajar prince Abbas Mirza encounter that traces the history of time seen. 6 km after the border Kordasht Nvrvdvz(Iran-Armenia border) is. (40)

Agarak Nvrdvz city across the border in Armenia

From this point to the Armenian capital Yerevan about 400 km away. Nvrdvz can pass quickly and we're going to see the natural effect Asiabkharbe 30 km Jolfa. Recreational area which is very pleasant in the summer heat. Mill ruins, waterfalls and long Bchkany inside a valley that has created a beautiful landscape. (41)

Valley leading to the waterfall mill ruins

No Description

No Description (7)

No Description (8)

No Description

The road before entering Iranian Julfa railway bridge- Nakhichevan to eat. In fact, the place of three brave border guards two days against Soviet invaders in World War II in 1320 have resisted. Sayed Mohammed Rasi Hashemi, Abdullah Malek Mohammadi and Shahriari is the name of the martyr soldiers. Next to the tomb of three brave bridge. Construction on the bridge dates back to 1913. (43)

Rasi Hashemi Muhammad's tomb brave soldiers (44)

Tomb Abdullah Shahriari brave soldiers (35)

Railway iron bridge more than 100 years old. (34)

No Description

Jolfa street to cross and do not intend to stop. It is evening and time-limited. The exit road next to the church of Saint Stephanos Julfa and the way we. But before we visit the chapel shepherd along Aras. (37)

No Description

With the short path subsidiary church of St. Stephanos(The first martyr of Christianity) There. Fortunately, there are signs everywhere of Historic Places. In a report published earlier have further clarification in relation to Churches North West of Iran The world have been registered. But the next evening, there is nothing to Juniper remains. Persian cats are surveyed and left ear. The Church of Saint Stephanos to Aras Dam(Night stop) The remaining approximately 20 km. Restoration Church of Mother Mary on the road is not the road down there. (24)

Muddy stream that is a way to Ares.

As the low wall on the Great Barrier seen Aras.

Aras dam wall

Aras dam wall

The dam between Iran and Azerbaijan(Nakhchivan) Common. Aras also wraps and we are looking for… Aras Dam resort was less crowded than we thought. Fortunately, good for camping spaces are available here.

Pleasant evening in the Aras Dam Lake

Pleasant evening in the Aras Dam Lake (26)

Moonlit night in the Aras Dam Lake

Aras Dam in 1350 it was made

Aras dam was built in 1350

The prospect of Nakhchivan across the Aras Dam

The prospect of Nakhchivan across the Aras Dam

To spend the night at the Aras Dam Lake, early morning to meet our Soraya Springs. Soraya Springs last point on the border of Iran and Turkey, northwestern Iran. The path passes the city demands, and then crossing the villages Khalkhaleh, colic, Barry, Panjarlu, but Kennedy and Mary Falconer reaches the zero point. Outlook Ararat always on the road ahead. (29)

Ararat after the first view demands. It may be 90 km away

In parts of the route near the fountain area Soraya be seen as wetlands and birds.

Fly Batch necessarily native

Fly Batch necessarily native (20)

Wetland areas and the best places for breeding

In villages along the springs Soraya demands..

In villages along the springs Soraya demands…

Mating season in early June and stork

Mating season in early June and stork

Here the border is calm, in the springs Soraya border with Turkey a few steps away there chamber. No news from wall is not the fence. Soraya spring probe spring is finally joins Aras. It's a good feeling and fatigue long way not face an opportunity to dream. Iran is the last point and we intend to return and merchant way we… As the businessman next to Ararat…

Outlook peaks of Ararat and spring Soraya

Outlook peaks of Ararat and spring Soraya

Mount Ararat is in the territory of Turkey.

Mount Ararat is in the territory of Turkey.

Cable bridge Soraya Springs

Cable bridge Soraya Springs (23)

Spring Scream… In the merchant

A few of the attractions of the photo sphere concordant with Ares, to view photos on a large scale Click on it. (47)

In a twist Aras

God Blessed bridge on Aras

God Blessed bridge on Aras

Asiabkharbe Waterfall Jolfa

Asiabkharbe Waterfall Jolfa

some notes:

– Border road is completely paved and quality. However, due to bilateral caution and slow down the mind.

کیفیت آسفالت جاده از سنت استپانوس به سمت پلدشت و چشمه ثریا پایین تر از نقاط دیگر است و خصوصاً پیچ های شدید در جاده وجود دارد که می بایست احتیاط شود.

– In the city there Khomarlu accommodation in teacher's home.

– Aras Dam on the side of the resort complex there are camping facilities. In this collection there are also restaurants that we recommend the local cuisine such as “Sachs Gvrmasy” Do not miss. In Julfa house and guest house next to the church of Saint Stephanos there are also camping space is available.

– Soraya fountain before entering the area, there should coordinate with the last border near.

مسیر جاده ای پلدشت به چشمه ثریا تقریبا ۱٫۵ الی ۲ ساعت زمان نیاز دارد، برنامه سفرتان را طوری تنظیم کنید که در طول روز در این مسیر ها رانندگی کنید و از مسیر زیبا استفاده کنید. Along the way you'll see an abundance of wetland birds.


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