Zarabad understanding and narrow beach mud volcano(Konarak city, Sistan and Baluchestan Province)

Winter nights in peak traffic in one of Tehran, the radio program unique description of a village in southeastern Iran was broadcast, a strange description of geomancy desert and ocean views as well as soaring palm, as host of the beautiful beach and clean it was spoken that I forgot heavy traffic in total with a one-way charter flights in the realm of imagination on the Makran coast and the village of understanding( ravine) Landed…

Beach Village understanding Zarabad

Chabahar West attractions like the East it is not low, the air was warm and Sunray Brown, sultry Chabahar raised cries of the people, but the last day of the trip must be seized, mud volcanoes miss our first destination, at a distance of approximately 100 kilometers West Chabahar mountain like a volcano, but the goal has arisen and the flowers are thrown into it. Some of these flowers are there in the area that we just never see one of them near the village of Tang (Tang) Had been.

The results of the activity of the volcano told the gathering flowers created this beautiful hill

Detailed event.

Boiling mud

Bubble Flower

The score was allegedly thrown sometimes up to seven meters

Refraction of light around the earth is burned out bulb flower show

Moments before the event

Some believe that this goal has health benefits

The mouth of the mud volcano

S presence

Severe mud volcano has been active in the past few days to several tens of meters away mud was flowing. Visit our time:Year 95

In the rainy seasons will be more active mud volcanoes

گل فشان خودش جاذبه ای بس شگرف بود اما سودای دیدن درک آن را به حاشیه برد، در طول مسیر در ذهن خودم بارها تصویری از این روستا ساخته بودم که مبنای آن شنیده ها و مطالعاتم بود اما خود واقعی اش چیز دیگری بود

Geomancy and palm and sea confrontation

Relatively pristine area

Head over to each side is just beautiful Bchrkhany

Can be walked for hours in the area

Tired of being in the shade of the trees were quiet


Raml choose between being in and being close to the sea is hard work

Sunset here is to dream

Here's central desert of Iran…

Understand the beginning of the road

Also provides space was camping

In the village shop to buy water and food commonly understood and preserved there

The village is very high potential for tourism development

Refreshing wind blew from the sea

Well water was a little salty, but really came to work

One of the best experiences I was swimming in the sea

Beach zero waste

Village in the city of Konarak at a distance of about 170 kilometers West Zarabad understanding of Chabahar and Konarak is located 120 kilometers from the center of the city, the quality of roads in the area are common and a passenger vehicle can easily travel to the area. On the way back to Konarak series visited the famous flea market or Tanakvray it is long passage and shops full of goods that can be brought from Pakistan and sold.

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