Mirjaveh and Cave of Ladiz to seventy Mullah cemetery, Sangan and Khash (Sistan and Baluchestan Province)

A visit to the province almost as much as Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia area, especially in a short time is difficult and requires Apart from some attractions, the Mirjaveh moved to the border city of Zahedan and Khash night schedule reach home by this route, and much of our time is limited, so we Mirjaveh in addition to a brief excursion into the city, cave Ladiz and seventy Mullah cemetery to see our selection, and finally a visit to the village of Sangan old city of Khash and we'll deal up…


Seventy Mullah cemetery

Mirjaveh border city of Sistan-Baluchistan province in the center of the city Mirjaveh and are 84 kilometers southeast of the city of Zahedan Zahedan recently separated.


Mirjaveh of East Pakistan and the West is bordered by the city of Khash


Heritage building Mirjaveh


Mirjaveh city attractions more old buildings, up.


The old police building

Next to Cave Springs Ladiz (Ladiz) است، که در فاصله تقریبا شانزده کیلومتری میرجاوه و در نزدیکی روستای لادیز قرار دارد، این غار طبیعی که به گردشگاهی برای اهالی استان بدل شده است در تمام طول سال دارای آب روان است که باعث افزایش جاذبه آن می شود، متاسفانه به دلیل کمبود وقت and lack of necessary equipment, just a few meters from the cave only see the first grace upon us, which of course was not too unpleasant..


Around the cave Ladiz


Around the cave Ladiz


View from the trailhead Cave


The walls are poured Jvybarhayy


Trailhead is impassable cave




Relatively dangerous manner of the locals passing by impassable cave


Cave entrance

Temin before we take to the road…

Rupes seventy Mullah cemetery near the small village of district functions Temin section Ladiz Mirjaveh city is truly one of the eye-catching attractions of the province. And background information of the cemetery dating back to the relatively flimsy but is said to be over eight years old.

44 km after Mirjaveh A secondary road leads to the right path towards the cemetery is seventy Mullah. From this point to seventy Mullah 20 km route in advance and pass in between the village also not Temin. Three kilometers from the village of Celebration jesh to Rupes, after the end of the road is dusty but it can be passed with caution. Approaching the cemetery on a hillside view appears to be little Rupes.


No Description


Taftan and seventy Mullah boards


Temin village located in the foothills by Taftan, good weather and semi-active volcano glory of the villages in this area suggests.

A view of the beautiful mosque village of Celebration and Taftan

A view of the beautiful mosque village of Celebration and Taftan


Spring blossoms foothills of Taftan

Spring screams..

Spring screams…


Seventy-exposed parts of the route to the cemetery, not a good quality that should be taken with caution. The prospect of cemetery


Mullah seventy five hundred square meters with an approximate area located within the mountain against sun and rain and snow is safe


Steps that have been recently dug


Seventy mullahs and village Rupes


Cemetery due to its convenient location and to discover the secret of a good natural protection it needs to be explored more




No Description


View of the cemetery and rural farms


Prospect Cemetery seventy Mullah


Uncle prophet, the old man Baluch, along with our dear friend

Khash continue the path toward the dark secret before heading to the village of Sangan, serving the elderly of the village has a high reputation… Sangan village of city functions which are almost fifty kilometers northeast of Khash Khash.


Sangan old cedar


The cedar branches were thick as the trunk of a mature tree

At the same time dark-Khash arrived, tired from a full day event, Stay Sweet had a very short visit of the castle and the next morning we did Khash Hyderabad, prior to the Iranshahr and the spectacular surrounding…


Hyderabad mud-brick fortress dating back 100 years Khash.

To learn more about roads and villages GPS files in Donate Placed.

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