Sarif historic port in the Persian Gulf(Boushehr)

طی کردن مسیر تهران تا کرانه های خلیج فارس آن هم با اتوبوس، در نوع خودش جذاب بود، سفری به استان بوشهر که در صنعت گردشگری کمتر شناخته شده است و بیشتر در صنایع سنگین و آن هم صنعت گاز و پتروشیمی شهرتی جهانی دارد. Sarif port that's already been spared from noise pollution and gas industry, has great potential in tourism, especially in the second half of the air spring is south.


Sunset Sarif

از اتوبوس تهران عسلویه در اواخر مسیر و در شهر جم پیاده شدیم، جم که برای شاغلین در منطقه ویژه اقتصادی انرژی پارس، منطقه ای خوش آب و هوا محسوب می شود به واسطه ارتفاع و دوری از دریا، شرجی کمتری دارد.




Saw this on arrival at the city felt good.


American Style


The result is the famous palm groves Jam

Sarif and automatically reads the shore of the Persian Gulf us…Our next destination Sarif port is 30 km Jam. With a beautiful view of the mountains out of the jam appears Pradesh. However, with beautiful mountain gossip…


Mount father or campus, there are a lot of rumors about it

Sarif, who in the past have about three hundred thousand inhabitants thriving international port, and followers of different religions such as Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Manichaeism, Jews, Buddhists and … In this city lived. Today, despite the great fanfare of Assaluyeh and Kangan, passed away peacefully at the Sarif here.

On arrival we drew the sea…


Sarif beach mansion prospect N.


Sarif port, less than 50 km away from the port of Assaluyeh Sarif to be.


The remains of the mosque of Imam Hassan Basri that Mshzf top of a hill to the sea in the city Antday


The remains of stone basins or graves Sarif


There wells around the storage ponds of rainwater hypothesis in this location strengthens


But finding bones and human remains, opens a new theme


It is said that at first this place was built for water storage and later used as a cemetery Word


That Muslims have been dug graves facing Mecca are


This place with a view to the sea and the particular architecture has attracted many tourists can not


This cultural heritage is not protected status, but this has become normal for us again


In the past, a great job has been done at this location


The remains of Sarif Mosque

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This place is located next to the road and is very easy


Sarif Mosque and the Persian Gulf


N. N. mansion that belonged to the family date back nearly two hundred years old and dates back to the Qajar era


The building is completely renovated and soon will be staying sometimes for tourists

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Watch the sunset from the top of the nobility N. atop the sea is full


In Sarif eating falafel and do not neglect the sea Snbvs·h

بعد از بازدید از موزه مردم شناسی سیراف و گشت شبانگاهی در کنار دریا با همکاری یکی از زحمت کشان میراث فرهنگی و یکی از اهالی میهمان نواز سیراف جای مناسبی برای اقامت پیدا کردیم. Sarif is facing a shortage of residential facilities.

To learn more about the track and the city Sarif GPS files in Donate Placed.

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