Rock garden(Sirjan, Kerman)

Silence is full of untold words
Forbid gestures
Tacit confession of love
And the wonders of the language is not
In this silence, the truth lies
Indeed, you and I

Rock garden

Rock garden

Wrath of down sleeping man will cry, but when the Word, not man scream, then a story is created beyond. 45 km southeast of Sirjan stone garden near the village of druse(balvard)Esfandiar Pour product Darvish Khan's silent protest…

In 1340 Darwish Khan late Esfandiar Pour deaf and dumb to protest living conditions of land reform has set up a rock garden, which through the years has become one of the tourist sites around Sirjan.

No Description

At the end of the dirt track road

Rhrvyy pain I know you are lost, life after suffering rocky gardens made

Rocks with great hardship and hanging hole

Avoid shaking rocks and trees

There is a strange garden

The heavy stones and logs how carriers have been here?

Gardener and argues dependence, the garden in the spring is not despairing eyes, the eyes of a warm light does not shine, do not you go around to smile leaf, leafy garden that says that not beautiful?

ماجرا از جایی آغاز می شود که به درویش خان احساس بی عدالتی دست می دهد و از آنجایی که وی گُنگ بوده است، اقدام به احداث باغی می کند که میوه هایش از سنگ است، این باغ که تعداد درختان آن بیش از صد اصله است اکنون Darveshkhon care by children and grandchildren, but this place is worthy of protection by the authorities failed Tourism.

The story of fruits Grdvnsay now sleeping in the coffin into the ground post says

The garden has a high potential

According to Darwish Khan who managed to visit our daughter, Darvish Khan Esfandiar Pour the night under the plane trees where he had been alone in his dreams incentive to build the garden.

Sanctum Darveshkhon

Darvish Khan and wife; photos from Photo

Darvish Khan

Darvish Khan is a man of his time has been a leading artist and garden and the staff that he left behind indicate the subject. Pervez chemical director in a documentary called rock garden Darvish Khan's story itself Darvish Khan and his family are present in the film, the film won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 1976 is.

Every single element of the cane had to say

Darvish Khan in a special wand that is a work of art

Darvish Khan in a special wand that is a work of art

Returning from patrol in Sirjan also visited the garden of stone, known Sirjan pockets Chpqy

Vents Chpqy

Two windward in a facade, tower Rashid Khan ahead

In the days before Muharram Sirjan people together to support the old house of Rashid Khan, the old tent drew our attention focus

No Description

No Description

To reach the rock garden should be a way of Sirjan tissue road and after passing through the druse(Balvard) Ahead into the stone garden and the soil should be left over. From Sirjan to the dirt road 40 km dirt road about 2 km..

To learn about the geographical location and access route to the stone garden of GPS files wikiloc Placed.

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