Bostanak tight, Paradise Lost(Kamfiruz, Fars)

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۱۷ Responses

  1. Soroush says:

    It was very interesting and spectacular. Good luck.

  2. hojjat najafi says:

    Really part of paradise . * High health and good luck

  3. Zainab Nvnzhad says:

    Appropriate interpretation: Paradise is lost
    One of the hospitable spirit of the John broke
    Alas, it was a question of Babtsh : Posterity will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty here. …?

  4. ماشال says:

    امیدواریم دست زمین حواران بی رحم به انجا نرسد

  5. آریا آریامنش says:

    Derwood super nice, I had heard so much about this beautiful area unfortunately could not go, but I'm sure the first trip I choose Aynjarv Thanks a lot, Bdrvvd Vkamrva and win too.

  6. Paradise Lost says:

    بهشت گمشده چقدرپیاده روی دارد

  7. Sajad says:

    ممنون بابت اطلاعات خوب و مفیدتون. خیلی بدردم خورد

  8. نسیم says:

    چه فصلی بریم اونجا بهتره

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