Ahanag Lake(Simindasht, Tehran)

Ask them to show you which side of a mountain lake… The village in the valley lush plain silver Eye Works to trees and gardens and the valley of dry desert…

Ahanag Lake(Ahanak) 5.5 km south of the village in plain silver or track Firoozkooh functions that are accessible via a dirt road. The two-hour hike up the steep route and passing through the wilderness to the tourists an opportunity to reflect on the nature of the.

Ahanag Lake

Ahanag Lake

رود دلیچای حاصل از دریاچه های تار و هویر با گذر از دره و رسیدن به سیمین دشت به نمرود می پیوندد و با نام حبله رود راهی سمنان می گردد. However, water supply and communication lines of a hand rail and road situation has created very favorable for the Silver Plains.

Beautiful landscape from erosion around Silver Plains

Beautiful landscape from erosion around Silver Plains

از گذشته که راه های روستایی به وضعیت فعلی مناسب نبودند همه روزه چند قطار در مسیر تهران شمال در ایستگاه سیمین دشت توقف می کردند. Silver Plain Large greenhouses for rose breeding has created an opportunity for local employment.

Pomegranate beautiful mountain hive next desert silver

Pomegranate beautiful mountain hive next desert silver

Simindasht Landscapes

Simindasht Landscapes

Simindasht Spring

Simindasht Spring

Hnk to depart the next paragraph should be crossed over the river and took a dirt road. Mountain View of exquisite scenery and pomegranate hive that is the result of erosion has created eye-catching in Silver Plains.

Our group of Track Hnk

Our group of Track Hnk

Grasshoppers were abundant in the path.

Grasshoppers were abundant in the path.

با پیش گرفتن جاده خاکی در میانه راه دریاچه ویرانه هایی از از خانه ها و محل احشام و درختانی پوسیده به چشم میخورد که شاهد زندگی و آبادی در گذشته های نه چندان دور در نزدیکی سیمین دشت می دهد.

Once near Silver Plains, was developed here

Once near Silver Plains, was developed here

Local livestock

Local livestock

Hnk Lakes set to appear in the desert(At the time of our visit, the lake was formed in the early Persian date 4 Ordibehesht) It is surprising. Accumulation of water in the lake of boiling springs and beautiful scenery has been created.

Hnk lakes in the frame

Hnk lakes in the frame

One of the larger lakes and quotes Plain Silver Blog It has a depth of 32 meters and a depth alongside the smaller lake to 8 meters. Because of the special lake sediments and minerals bitter. Nyzarhay around the lake as it has a beautiful face.

Small lake with a depth of about 8 Meter

Small lake with a depth of about 8 meters.

Introduction to GPS file for the route wikiloc Placed.

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