Susan Plains(-ize, Khuzestan)

Susan plain area is rich in natural beauty and social all in 37 km from the city Ize is located in Khuzestan. Different and unique nature in the spring every nature-loving tourists to bring joy. Green and red poppies field across the Karun River Rafting it is bisected.

Green nature plain violet

Green nature plain violet

Susan is a vast plain named area where many villages located. Fertile land, plenty of water and suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of this land has provided consumer friendly people Bakhtiari.

Misty morning lily

Misty morning lily

Plain full of life

Plain full of life

Suitable climate desert lily, has provided an opportunity for agriculture

Suitable climate desert lily, has provided an opportunity for agriculture

To achieve this beautiful area after passing the exit road Ize(To the north) And crossing the end(Soon,) به یک دو راهی می رسید که سمت راست به سمت سوسن و سمت چپ شما را به سمت منطقه گلزار و بارگاه امام زاده سلطان ابراهیم در جوار دریاچه سد شهید عباسپور(Karun 1) می رساند.

Signpost village in the southern part

Signpost village in the southern part

With the lily proceed to the village of Kshgly(Kashgeli) یا همان کفش گلی به گفته محلی ها عبور کرده و پس از طی ۵ کیلومتر به دو راهی دیگری می رسید که هر یک شما را به طرفین دشت سوسن راهنمایی می کند.

Plain lilies in the spring

Plain lilies in the spring

Mountain and blue sky Lily

Mountain and blue sky Lily


برای رسیدن به شمالی ترین و آخرین بخش دشت سوسن که در واقع دشت تمام شده و تنگه و رود کارون شکل می گیرد می بایست از مسیر سمت چپ به سمت روستای ده شیخ راهی شده و برای عبور از عرض رودخانه سوار قایق شد.

Susan plain view of the northern part of the line leading to the gorge

Susan plain view of the northern part of the line leading to the gorge

The right to circumvent the plain violet and cross the bridge on the eastern side of the Karun also completely bypassed and will lead to the northernmost point S.. The road to the village is completely paved decades old and ten old Soraya(Opposite the village of Sheikh across the Karun) Khaki is relatively good. Villagers were forced to bypass the bridge in the northern part of Lily's full prairie lily.

Only flyover in the Karun River Lily

Only flyover in the Karun River Lily

The road leading to the southern

The road leading to the southern

Stork flying over the plains lily

Stork flying over the plains lily

We replied that we had limited time and asked where to stay and explore lily is beautiful? According to locals there in April everywhere Lily is really such a beautiful and glamorous. Soraya is a spectacular course and ten dock example Nazdny.

Soraya village

Soraya village

Ize the left of the lily and lily got ten Sheikh last point. We went by boat to the other side of the Karun River and the villages that were followed by plain. The first village Sryast. Beautiful countryside and stair. Soraya and a walk across the dirt road to the village dock arrived in style. Over Ten dock Daniel and ten old village on track.

In Trailhead near Deh Sheikh

In Trailhead near Deh Sheikh

In the dock with the assistance of local residents were in grade ten dock due to school closures during the New Year and was a perfect opportunity.

Hiking in the desert lily and go to the river Karun much fun in the sun is shining.

Karun shine in the sun

Karun shine in the sun

در اطراف کارون یا روستاها در مکان هایی که برای مردم محلی و زمین های کشاورزی مزاحمتی نباشد امکان کمپینگ وجود دارد که توصیه می شود در هر کجا با راهنمایی خواستن از مردم محلی قطعاً بهترین مکان را به شما معرفی می کنند یا شاید اتاقی برای اسکان شما Have. 😉

At the beginning of spring, anemones adorn the plains

At the beginning of spring, anemones adorn the plains

There are no stores or shops in the villages of the plain violet, but with spring water through the plumbing to supply water to the villages there are problems.

Sawsan Farms

Sawsan Farms

Like the rest of the people of this region are very warm and friendly and made us enjoy during your stay short, thanks. Respect, kindness and communication with local communities Ecotourism is one of the keys.

Violet eyes caress the green plain

Violet eyes caress the green plain

Spring anemone...

Spring Poppies…

Stone lions as a symbol of bravery and courage grave is installed.

Stone lions as a symbol of bravery and courage grave is installed.

Headstone masonry in violet

Headstone masonry in violet

Due to the lack of garbage collection are organized in villages, preferably waste to get in order not to endanger the health of the environment in this beautiful area.

Sky full of stars at night and do not forget the beautiful sunrise morning.

Starry sky prairie lily

Starry sky prairie lily

To learn more about the position of roads and villages lily of the valley GPS files wikiloc Download.

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    • Afra group says:

      Greetings to you, the spring ephemeral Khuzestan best time to visit this area is late March and during the New Year. Across the river in coordination with local residents Susan and adjacent villages and camping facilities there. Susan is responsible for coordination with schools, there is also the possibility of staying in school ten pool.

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      توضیح: To download GPS files from wikiloc carefully when the download page opens, click on include locations…Press.

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      Peace be upon you dear friend, Susan plain near Ize, can be beautiful every day by bus from the terminal to the south was Ize Ize and dawn. Salman also visit the ize of Eshkoft.
      Ize distance to the village of lily can be passed by taxi.
      همان طور که در متن اشاره شده سوسن منطقه بزرگی است که در طول نوروز همه جا مناسب گشت و گذار است ولیکن روستای ده شیخ و ثریا به علت نزدیکی به جاده و کارون موقعیت دسترسی خوبی دارند. Maps to identify the location of villages, use the link wikiloc.

      Good luck.

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      Peace be upon you. Thanks for your attention. I hope the pitch and in the other the beautiful Lily field trip and enjoy the beauty of the place and its people.

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      درود بر شما، بهترین بازه زمانی بازدید از دشت سوسن اواخر زمستان و اوایل بهار است، به لحاظ امکانات در حد سایر روستاهاست و بهتر است مایجتاج خود را به همراه داشته باشید. Good luck.

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    Baslam has the ability to serve all your loved ones on March 95 Susan plain good host for all your loved ones There is also accommodation both food accommodation Susan schools and boarding school of the Imam Khomeini (way) And baker Susan sector is the country that there's hope this year's sorrel sauce visit

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      Hi, I hope you have a nice trip in advance. One of the suggestions to stay in school for ten dock to coordinate can contact Mr. Moradi. She's cell phone number, I'll email. In connection with the people and residents of local food in there, you can get there Dairy.

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      Peace be upon you, day in Iran's Accommodation in schools, small rural schools lilies are also no documentation. The query may be provided in easily. Village Primary School three classes models of pool is small, but in other villages in the comments mentioned, other schools are.

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