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علاقه به طبیعت و آرامش گرفتن در سفرهای طبیعت گردی، ما را بر آن داشت تا با قدم گذاشتن در این راه زیبایی های اطرافمان را بیشتر درک کنیم. With the introduction of attractions, directions and may be challenges ahead, try to have taken a small step on the way to preserve the natural look of Ecotourism.
January 1392 after returning from a trip Boojagh Lagoon Gilan finally decided to register a domain and set up the blog using WordPress. We tried earlier trips first write and then after each trip, we publish posts associated with it.

Blogging these days that social networks are the low melee, but all is that we try to maintain this trend updates, because we believe sustainable production of content available to users through blogs, more applications. If you like our offer in the field of tourism and travel blogging activity in mind. Because the production facilities and the power of search engines to find content with social networks is not comparable Blog Entries.

This blog as a diary of our trip and when that is not their browsing. Sometimes some older reports are correct and up to date. See photos and memories we recall. In fact, this blog is one of the above programs.

Your view is very important to our users. In the days to respond to love you or questions about a possible trip but our priority. We will not benefit your comments and feedback.

Introducing the Blog

Ehsan Mousavi

Ehsan Mousavi, February 1398, Shadegan

Date of birth: ۱۳۶۳/۱۹۸۴
Education: Oil Industries Engineering Processes
               Bachelor of Tourism Management
E-mail: e.mousavi@gmail.com
Instagram: ehsanmousavi.afracamp

Maybe a little late to this, but when I knew I was drawn into travel and ecotourism, and I touched was part of my identity. Now my life without travel is difficult. I started the year 1391 with planned trips serious and weekends and holidays, escape life's journey. Knowing, seeing and experiencing the extracurricular my life and my family is happy that the country is so diverse that it can be a life of travel and was still ignored by many. One of my most important interests in traveling is connecting with the local community and seeing the natural landscapes of Iran and other countries.

Saleh Shahi

Saleh Shahi, June 1397, Napeshteh village, Arasbaran

Date of birth: ۱۳۶۵/۱۹۸۶
Education: Engineering Fluid Mechanics
E-mail: salehshahi@gmail.com

۶ Responses

  1. Peace be upon you dear youth. I am glad that there are still people who are concerned about Iran-friendship. You are doing an important job by registering and introducing our country correctly. Content production is not available to everyone these days. The culture of traveling, seeing well, and thinking positively is essential for progress and promotion in the tourism industry based on sustainable development.. Be energetic and steadfast.

    • Afra group says:

      Greetings to you, Mr. Iranpour,
      Thank you for visiting our blog and for your comment.
      We have been familiar with your writings for many years, and we appreciate the content produced in those times when even the Internet was not developed, and we are glad that you also updated the structure of Irangardan blog and you are still in this field..
      Be stable

  2. درود و زنده باد احسان موسوی عزیز
    تراک های خوب شما در ویکی لوک را دیده و دنبال می کنم
    امیدوارم همواره با قدرت به ترویج طبیعت گردی مسئولانه ادامه دهید.

    • Afra group says:

      درود بر آقا احسان عزیز، ممنونم از لطفت که به اینجا سر زدی و به من محبت داشتی.
      هر کسی در عرصه طبیعت گردی فعال باشه و علاقه مند به پیمایش مسیرهای جذاب باشه قطعا با نام نیکاحسان امین جواهریآشناست و مسیرهای با کیفیتش رو دنبال میکنه. بارها از مسیرهایی که لطف کردی و گذاشتی متشکر بوده ام، سفرهای زیادی بر مبنای مسیرهای شما طراحی کرده ایم یا حداقل راهنمای سفرهای ما در این سال ها بوده.

      امیدوارم به زودی جایی از ایران عزیز با هم هم قدم بشیم و از نزدیک هم آشنا بشیم.
      سلامت و شاد باشی.

      Ehsan Mousavi

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